Xbox One X release date, news, and features

Jan 31, 2018 AT 08:15 AM | BY CrazGadgets

When it’s released in November, the Xbox One X is set to not only be Microsoft’s most powerful console ever, but the most powerful console on the market generally. It represents a big step forward in terms of the amount of graphical horsepower it’s packing.

Despite its power, however, the Xbox One X remains an Xbox One. When it launches it will not only be able to play all the Xbox One’s existing games, but will also receive no exclusive games of its own.

That’s right – every game released for the Xbox One X will run on the existing Xbox One just fine. Not only that, but all the same accessories – controllers, chatpads, headsets and the like – will all work across each system.

So, if Xbox has created one big happy console family, what’s the purpose of upgrading to Xbox One X?

Well, Xbox One X will be the company’s first native 4K video game console and will have the ability not only to render games at a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, but often run those games at 60 frames per second. That’s unlike the Xbox One Swhich can only render games at 1080p and then upscale them to 4K.